A Little About Me ^.^

My Name Azrul Hadi Bin Abu Zahrin
This is ME..Meow Meow

   I was born on 23 May 1993 . Born at Klinik Fatimah, Johor Bahru(Only me n my sister born at JB, others at Negeri Sembilan). Live at Skudai, JB. Start my 1st primary school at SK Taman Tuanku Jaafar from standard 1to 3.Then my father got promotion and moved to Johor Bahru. Before sitting in Skudai, I sat in at Taman Bakti near Hutan Banda. After moved to Johore Bahru, my 2nd primary school was at SK Temenggung Abdul Rahman 2 known as STAR 2 near SIGS and STAR 1. I got UPSR results 2A 2B 1C.
   My Secondary School at SMK Aminuddin Baki known as S.A.B from form 1 to 3. At S.A.B I'm very active co-curiculum. In form 1, I represent the school in athletics. Then form 2 I play softball. Form 3 I play table tennis. From form 1 to 3 I entered the fire association. In form 3 I got PMR results 3A 4B 1c. On form 3, I represent kompang team to national level.

   While in form 4 I got offer to SM Teknik Perdagangan JB known as Teknik Perd. At Teknik Perd I represent the school in bowling from form 4 to 5. I entered scout an active. I was awarded the young scouts. I got on SPM result 4A 4B 1C.  

   Then got offer from Johore Matriculation College in Accounting. Although , i come from Accounting Course but seem my destiny is writen to Business Management. I apply in UPU course Finance but then the result got Human Resource. I'm not predict that i got HR course but that the result, i must take. If i not take that course then i must seat for Diploma. I dont wanna wasted my time. Time is like a GOLD. Now i study at UITM CITY CAMPUS, degree in Business Management (Human Resource)..here is some of my classmate from secondary school until being degree student..

                                                      My fren at secondary school S.A.B    

This is my classmate at secondary school Teknik Perd
My classmate at matriculation
My fren at UITM

I have seven Family member including me. My father`s name is Abu Zahrin Bin Adam. My mother`s name is Hamidah Bte Mohd Nor. My siblings are Nur Hidayah (21) , Nur Hazwani (16) , Azrul Haziq (13) and Azrul Haiqal (12).Being 2nd child in my family.. Here my family

My Family Hew Hew